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Oh oh Oh oh OH! I’ve got a new attituuuude!

9 Jan

alright so here’s the deal – i am WAY overthinking the blog thing. like, way. in bold, even.

because i went as far as getting my own domain in hopes my seriousness and miniscule financial investment would equate to commitment.

then it was mentioned that perhaps WP is not the best format so I created yet another Blogger blog by the same (er, similar) name so i could vajazzle it up but i was SO nit-picky with how centered the header was that after days weeks of adjustments i gave up entirely and it’s sat vacant ever since. an empty blog shell. a failed attempt at fancy.

wtf, me? i am my own worst enemy when it comes to starting to blog again. i think it’s because i have a history of beginning blogs and forgetting them once life changes and the blog is irrelevant but that’s the point isn’t it? for life to change and to continue blogging through it all? that’s how blogs tell our story. stories don’t have to be cohesive or even chronological. everyone knows that (thanks to M Night Shyamalan.) wait, what?

so here i sit, MONTHS after beginning the latest installment of my life – willing myself to write again and to have a voice and to share my story because reading other blogs inspires me and I want to inspire you. perhaps i’ll inspire you to not write a blog. clearly they aren’t for everyone…

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