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Happy Snaps – IGer, like, To the Max

24 Sep

I will admit I was an Instasnob. “What’s the BD?” I would think…hoping BD (BigDeal) would catch on like WTF or FTW. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t. YET.

Anyway I didn’t get the hype. Instagram? More like Poor Man’s Hipstamatic! (Hold up, do you know that I actually had to walk over to my iPhone and find Hipstamatic to remember the name of the app? That’s how irrelevant it is a mere year after I used it last. One year human life is likened to 6 years in iPhone life.)

Then, the worst thing that could ever happen to a Mother happened. Well, second worst. My DSLR stopped functioning at full capacity. This came at a time that we were in the midst of a move AND my original MacBook Pro gave out. I felt like I was being punished by the universe.

I had to embrace another way to photograph every moment of my children’s lives or I would lose the Mamarazzi title I worked so hard to get. I needed to post copious fragments of our lives on FB or else it never happened because my kids are too young to remember and I am too old not to forget. YEARS OF CHILDHOOD HISTORY COMPLETELY LOST if not for my savior, The Instagram.

Also I like to take photos of food I make. Not because my food looks good or is healthy or because I post recipes anywhere worthwhile. Just because it is MY food and therefore of interest to ME. There, I said it. Instagram has made me a selfish sharer….sharing only things I myself am interested in. But then…I have found others like me and their things interest me, too. So there’s this sharing of selfs going on and unlike FB it is an actual peek into someone’s life. A glimpse at their dinner or their children’s feet in the sand and there is something human and comforting in that.

I don’t have a huge following and I don’t use hashtags to my benefit but I enjoy my little slice of humanness — find me @aznaz or check out some of my food photos below:

another day, another blogger

4 Oct

i did the math. it’s been 11 years since i published my first blog.

it was a simple blog and its content rivaled that of a locker room “spill it” sesh between deviously naive preteens.

from there i went on to begin new blogs with each short-lived relationship – and there were many.

then a blog when my niece was born.

then a blog i met my husband and we moved to ny.

and yet another when i started a mommy group in wny, here. it’s still up – but no longer “running” in the sense that it’s been long since forgotten by the surrogate bloggesse who adopted it.

and while thinking of, remembering, rereading these old blogs makes me cringe at the design and the content and the photos and and and…they did pave the way for this blog. the blog that i now consider a true attempt at a weblog that is not just for personal consumption. this is no longer a personal journal to share amongst family and friends. this is a blog for the interwebs. a blog for the people. by the person. and that person is me.

oh it’s late. i’m getting wacky. but you’ll find you probably like me better, with all of my quirks showing.

g’night, y’all!

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