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Keepin’ Up – Mother’s Lament

18 Feb


Seriously guys, how cute are my kids? Right? I know. I made them, so…

Wait, that’s not what this post is about. This train of thought began when I was like “Oh I should share the Valentine’s Day photo on my blog” but then realized 4 days ago was more like 4 weeks ago (in interweb years we had already moved on to St Patricks Day themed photograms.)

So I’m late. Like, for everything as usual since the kids graced me with their photogenic little beings.

And as I type this I watch the DVR’d Grammys, dancing along with the audience as Rhianna and Ziggy Marley and Sting and Bruno Mars take the stage. I witness something so magical and moving…that the rest of the world experienced over a week ago. I can’t even real-time tweet #Grammys because the Twitosphere has evidently moved on to #AlecBaldwin. Fair enough.

Yet the stirring Grammy performance has me tuning into my iTunes account, feverishly downloading last year’s music (which I never heard since the Amy Winehouse Pandora station I listen to doesn’t play much of The Lumineers.) I stumble upon a song called “Bird’s Lament” that my husband has referenced and I think – HOLY F-ING HECK this song IS SO AU COURANT and also awesome.

After a bit of research we realize it was written in 2004 by a guy named Moondog who was born in 1916 (and chose to live as a homeless Jazz musician on the streets of NYC). 2004 = BK (before kids) so I give up on staying current or using my kids as my excuse why I am not, sip my Shasta, and publish my belated post. #moondog #motherslament #aretweepsstillhashtaggingyall

Oh oh Oh oh OH! I’ve got a new attituuuude!

9 Jan

alright so here’s the deal – i am WAY overthinking the blog thing. like, way. in bold, even.

because i went as far as getting my own domain in hopes my seriousness and miniscule financial investment would equate to commitment.

then it was mentioned that perhaps WP is not the best format so I created yet another Blogger blog by the same (er, similar) name so i could vajazzle it up but i was SO nit-picky with how centered the header was that after days weeks of adjustments i gave up entirely and it’s sat vacant ever since. an empty blog shell. a failed attempt at fancy.

wtf, me? i am my own worst enemy when it comes to starting to blog again. i think it’s because i have a history of beginning blogs and forgetting them once life changes and the blog is irrelevant but that’s the point isn’t it? for life to change and to continue blogging through it all? that’s how blogs tell our story. stories don’t have to be cohesive or even chronological. everyone knows that (thanks to M Night Shyamalan.) wait, what?

so here i sit, MONTHS after beginning the latest installment of my life – willing myself to write again and to have a voice and to share my story because reading other blogs inspires me and I want to inspire you. perhaps i’ll inspire you to not write a blog. clearly they aren’t for everyone…


16 Oct

it has been brought to my attention (by my judgmental mental self — purposefully redundant) that i am on the road to Hell. not for the reasons you may already know (the occasional sexual romp without procreation in mind) but because of the whole “good intentions” thing.

so i’ve heard “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” and for me, i’ve intended to write blog posts for the past 10+ days. i keep waiting until a nap-time that i’m available to focus on a coherent thought or review my journal at night to see which tidbit of an idea will spark a worth-reading blog post. it just hasn’t happened.

i have so much to say…whether it’s bloggable or not is entirely another post subject…but my blog-related thoughts usually occur to me in the shower or whilst making breakfast and i chuckle to myself at the wittiness of my internal banter. i vow to not forget the awesomeness of said thoughts then i sit at my laptop and waste away on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Etsy, et all.

when I finally feel inspired enough to log in to WP i am tired enough to fall asleep and my thoughts are no longer original after retweeting and pinning everyone else’s ideas. my thoughts get jumbled in a whirlpool of snarky snips and phunny phrases and photos of seasonal crafts and i’ve lost myself to the internet once again.

so without further adieu, my second blog post: a post about not blog posting. as underwhelming as i’d imagined yet vital to the journey of this blog.

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